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    Construction Insights: MMC in Education, 2024.

    Construction Insights: MMC in Education, 2024.

    At Thurston, we’re dedicated to providing educational institutions with cutting-edge, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions. As we look to 2024, our latest blog to explores the key benefits of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) for Education:

    Thurston, Huddersfield New College, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, July, 2023


    Enhanced safety measures are implemented during factory assembly, creating a secure environment for your employees and students.


    We prioritise eco-friendly materials and practices, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact—a win for both future generations and your institution’s reputation.


    Our modular approach typically reduces construction time, allowing schools and universities to accommodate growing student populations quickly.


    Streamlined processes and reduced on-site work mean cost savings, freeing up resources for other essential educational needs.


    Modular buildings can be easily expanded or reconfigured to adapt to changing educational requirements, ensuring longevity and value.

    Minimal Disruption:

    Our off-site construction minimises disruption to ongoing campus activities, allowing educational programs to continue without interruption.


    Precision engineering in a controlled factory environment ensures consistently high-quality structures, meeting the stringent safety standards of the Education sector.

    If you’re interested in exploring how modular construction can benefit your educational project, please reach out. Let’s create inspiring spaces for the leaders of tomorrow.

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