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    Head Office
    Thurston Group Limited
    Quarry Hill Industrial Estate
    Wakefield, West Yorkshire
    WF4 6AJ


    Our commitment to research, development and investment in the latest technology is demonstrated through our diverse product range.

    Designed to meet a wide variety of requirements and flexible in design and production, we’ll deliver  high quality portable buildings, on time and on budget.


    We produce an extensive range of innovative, versatile and durable class A and class C Swap Body Containers, suitable for transporting across rail, road or sea.

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    With over 20 years’ experience building nuclear containers, we’re a trusted partner to industry experts and clients alike.

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    Multi-Use Containers

    Meeting all industry standards, we’ve designed and developed tens of thousands of our multi-use containers specifically for individual client needs.

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    After building a seven-year reputation as a market leader, we work in partnership with you to build offshore containers. For this specialised industry, we have an offshore container solution specifically designed to suit specialised equipment.

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    Blast Resistant Buildings

    We’re the largest manufacturer of Ultrablast resistant buildings in the UK. Developed to provide a high degree of safety for the user, each building meets the challenges faced by those working in hazardous situations.

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    Equipment Housing

    Market leaders in the supply of fully integrated factory-built housings, we provide bespoke equipment housing. From standalone buildings through to large multi-module buildings of any size or configuration, we complete mechanical and electrical fit out to exacting specifications.

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