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    Residential Modular Buildings

    Why choose Thurston’s?

    • A turnkey solution, offering fully functional housing
    • Delivered up to 50% quicker than traditional methods, allowing temporary and permanent housing to be installed on your timescales
    • 90% of the build completed offsite
    • All homes are built to a much higher, more controlled standard
    • Flexible in design and method
    • Cost efficient and value for money
    • Sustainable and energy efficient homes
    • Minimal site disruption
    • Significantly reduced onsite rework and site delays


    Thurston’s has the skills and experience to help local authorities, councils, developers and architects deliver much needed bespoke or pre-designed homes. Each home, whether it’s a single house or multiple story apartment block is handed over fully functional and ready for occupation. 


    Modular Buildings for the Residential Sector

    Our BBA approved galvanised modular system is guaranteed for up to 60 years, ensuring durable, lifetime homes for those who need them.

    Whether it’s temporary or permanent housing you need, we can guarantee high-quality, sustainable and accessible homes that meet National Space Standards.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can residential modular buildings be used for?

    Residential modular buildings can be used for a range of different uses within the residential sector including modular homes, apartment blocks, meanwhile housing and modular extensions. The increasing popularity of modular homes is due to the low cost and luxury standards that are achievable through choosing modular over traditional construction methods.

    Can modular houses be customised to fit in with their environment?

    Yes, the technology that is now used to design and construct modular homes and residential buildings allows for the aesthetic to be customised completely. This includes adding weatherproof coatings and a range of finishes including brick and wood-effect. Many modular houses are now indistinguishable from “traditionally-built” homes, with clients’ design visions being able to be made a reality, whether they’re after a modern feel or more of a contemporary look.

    Are modular residential buildings just for temporary use?

    No, modular residential buildings and homes can be permanent structures as well as being for temporary use. The main use for temporary modular residential buildings is meanwhile housing, however, modular homes can also be built to be permanent. The quality present during the design and construction process, as well as the high-quality materials used, means that they are built to last. Temporary modular buildings are also built to the same high standards are permanent structures, allowing for further flexibility.

    Are modular residential solutions cheaper than traditional construction methods?

    Yes, most modular projects are cheaper (and quicker) than traditional construction projects. This is due to quick and efficient construction. As the homes are built off-site, they can be controlled in a factory environment and reduce the risk of any damages, delays or accidents occurring. As the process is quicker, labour costs are also reduced, not to mention the reduction in damage to the environment through less material waste.

    What is the design process when creating modular residential buildings?

    The design process for a modular project is very detailed and thorough. We work with our clients to create the designs and specifications to meet their needs. This includes obtaining planning permission for the project. Once we have chosen the correct modules for the project, a complete layout is designed with kitchens, bedrooms and toilets outlined. After this a construction plan is assembled with a focus on high-quality and efficiency. After the extremely thorough and bespoke design process is complete, the construction work can start in one of our factories across the UK.

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