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    Modular Buildings for Healthcare

    Why choose Thurston’s?

    • Modular healthcare buildings delivered up to 50% quicker than other traditional methods in this sector
    • 90% of the build is completed offsite and then installed onsite
    • Delivered and installed with minimal disruption to the hospital or healthcare centre
    • Our temporary and permanent modular solutions are cost efficient
    • Each building is handed over fully functional and ready for occupation
    • We offer a turnkey solution 
    • Flexible in design and construction methods
    • Offering a wide range of interior decoration options meeting individual hygiene control standards
    • Able to provide bed head services incorporating medical gases, patient entertainment and communication systems


    Thurston’s provides a highly flexible modular building system for the healthcare sector as we manufacture all of our own components. This means that, working in partnership with you, your building will meet with your exact design specifications and budgetary requirements.

    Modular buildings for the Healthcare Sector

    Our BBA-approved galvanised modular system is guaranteed for up to 60 years. 

    All of our buildings have increased floor strength in accordance with the relevant Health Technical Memorandums. Additional checks on HTM and Health Building Notices (HBN) ensure your modular building meets all relevant health building regulations. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of modular buildings for hospitals and other healthcare facilities?

    With traditional construction methods, everyday operations can be affected when construction work is being carried out on site. Noise, pollution, debris, and huge disruption can happen, often over weeks and months. However, this isn’t the case with modular healthcare buildings. One of the main benefits of modular buildings for hospitals and other healthcare facilities is that they ensure patient care isn’t interrupted. Another benefit is maintaining hygiene standards, as debris and construction material isn’t on-site, so there is no risk of contamination. Plus, patients and healthcare teams aren’t affected by noise or access issues.

    What can modular healthcare buildings be used for?

    Modular healthcare buildings have many uses and capabilities and can be customised based on each client’s specific needs and timescales. The different healthcare applications from Operating Theatres, Ward Accommodation, Urgent Care Units, Laboratories, Clean Rooms, Outpatient and Ambulatory care, Mortuaries, MRI & CT, Plant rooms, data centres and pharmacies. With other staff based uses from office space, welfare areas, Changing Rooms, storage and equipment cleaning stations.

    Can modular buildings help solve capacity issues in the healthcare sector?

    Yes, the adoption of offsite modular buildings can offer healthcare providers solutions to solving the current capacity issues being felt by Hospitals, and Community Care Facilities. The collaboration of the manufacturer and the NHS trusts provides speed and cost efficiencies, along with reduced live environment disruption. The provision of scalable, fully HTM HBN compliant modular healthcare facilities, designed, built and installed by experienced industry experts, could go a long way in solving individual hospital estate capacities, quickly enabling our NHS healthcare professionals to treat more patients and reduce wait times. Helping to alleviate pressures including patient backlogs, growth problems and tightening budget constraints.

    Are modular healthcare buildings environmentally friendly?

    At Thurston’s we are committed to manufacturing long-lasting and sustainable modular solutions. We proactively work hard to reduce our carbon footprint, everything that can be manufactured and built in our controlled factory environments is. Our clients’ carbon footprint and energy consumption is considered throughout the construction process, to help our buildings be as environmentally-friendly as possible. The materials and technology we utilise in the manufacturing process have whole life sustainability value in mind from the original design to the core elements of our buildings from FSC sourced timber, increased opportunities to recycle waste, improved building energy performance and sourcing and installing recycled materials. We aim to ensure all our modular buildings are BREEAM approved.

    Do Thurston have experience working in the healthcare sector?

    At Thurston, we have worked with numerous healthcare clients from private sector to NHS Trusts in the 50+ years that we have been in operation. This includes the consultation, design and build of temporary and permanent healthcare facilities across the UK. Some of our clients include Tameside General Hospital, Waterside Health & Wellbeing Centre and West Middlesex Hospital, as well as manufacturing a large number of Covid-19 testing and vaccination units throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. As a leading modular construction company, we are committed to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Meaning we’re able to offer a range of healthcare solutions, underpinned with expert knowledge of the healthcare sector.

    What accreditations do we have?

    To help you build better healthcare faster, we are accredited under a number of dedicated Modular Building frameworks, including NHS Shared Business Services Framework, ESPO and YPO. These frameworks help NHS trusts and other public sector clients improve the speed and cost-efficiency of procurement to support world-class patient care.

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