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  1. 217,000 more workers needed in the construction industry

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    The CITB Construction Skills Network forecast, produced with Experian, has indicated that the industry is set for a challenging few years ahead as we start our recovery from the covid-19 pandemic and navigate our way out of the EU. Although it has highlighted some bright spots, with both infrastructure and housing standing out. 

    Their 2021-2025 report looks at how our economy can recover and what this means for the construction industry as a whole. It also predicts that there will be more contribution to the economy from maintenance and improvement works, as retrofitting existing buildings to meet net zero targets becomes a focus for the government and organisations across the UK.

    According to the report, most regions will see a slight increase in construction works by 2025. However the North East is the only region that is set to see a decline by -0.1%. It also highlights that the industry will need to recruit an additional 217,000 new workers just to meet demand as the industry bounces back a lot quicker than expected from the pandemic. 

    Even before the crisis we were seeing declines in numbers across the industry as the skills gap grew bigger. The pandemic has only made this worse but it does present us with an opportunity to reshape the skills pipeline. Making it better equipped to meet the needs of future workers. The industry needs to start attracting a new generation of workers and provide the right training to drive innovation and to meet net zero requirements. 

    The CITB recommends that the government seeks to help more college students into construction jobs by creating new pathways from Further Education into the industry. We’re currently sitting at 331 employees with two apprentices in the Thurston’s family. As part of our social value mission, we’ll be working with the local community to improve opportunities within the North East and boost the local economy, while providing a solution to the skills gap by hiring apprentices. We’re working with Wakefield College, which has been providing education and training in Wakefield since 1868, to support apprenticeship courses for their students. We’re also working with Kirklees College to provide CAD Technician apprenticeships in our in-house design department. 

    Steve Radley, Strategy and Policy Director at CITB said, “CITB has a central role in supporting construction employers across Great Britain so that they have the right skills. We need to present the industry as attractive to join, with clear pathways of entry and progression, such as through work experience and with opportunities for continued training, particularly for people of diverse backgrounds; setting standards; and addressing current training gaps and anticipating future needs in areas such as digital and decarbonisation.”

    You can see the full report here.

  2. Thurston’s awarded a level 1 Social Value Quality Mark

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    We’ve been awarded the Social Value Quality Mark (SVQM) CIC’s Level 1 Quality Mark. The Quality Mark recognises distinction in values-led business that benefits customers, communities and the planet, and is one of the most rigorously tested standards of its kind in the UK. It’s also the only social value accreditation that’s recognised across the UK and internationally.

    To gain the Quality Mark, we needed to demonstrate positive impact across a number of measures. These measures included reducing our carbon footprint, supporting young people into skills, investing in the local economy and fair treatment of staff. Other measures required us to show ethical decision-making and supply chain practices. We also needed to successfully complete a thorough and independently verified external audit.

    The awarding panel were particularly impressed by our commitment to providing educational and employment opportunities across the Yorkshire region and beyond as a solution to the skills shortage. The panel were also impressed by our work with local charities and how we work within the local community. 

    We’ve joined a growing number of organisations, including Kier, the Cabinet Office and Places for People, that are leading the way in creating a legacy of social value as a result of how they choose to operate. We’ll now strive to gain the next level over a series of months.

    Matthew Goff, our Managing Director, said, “We’re delighted to have achieved level 1 and will be working our way up through the levels. It enables us to demonstrate independent accreditation and recognises our commitment to social value. We have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment, the community and our staff and want to make sure that we’re doing all we can. We do this by actively engaging with and supporting local communities and charitable organisations, and working with local schools, colleges and universities to provide both educational and employment opportunities.”  

    Richard Dickins, Managing Director of Social Value Quality Mark, said, “Today’s consumers increasingly make their decisions based on how companies treat their staff, the environment and the society in which they operate. Through the Quality Mark we cultivate and recognise the highest known standards in values-led business. This award recognises Thurston’s outstanding commitment to create, report and embed social value within the fabric of their organisation. We’re delighted to remain their social value partner as they move up through the levels.”

  3. Thurston’s raises over £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support in one month

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    We’ve raised a phenomenal £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support after putting together a cycling team to cycle the equivalent of London to Paris throughout the month of May. Covering around 250 miles each, the team initially aimed to raise £5000. But after smashing their target halfway through, the team refocused and worked harder to raise over £10,000 for the charity in just one month. 

    Sadly Mick Rigby, who has been part of our Thurston’s family for over 20 years, was diagnosed with lung cancer. With the disease now spreading to his brain, we donned our cycling shorts to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, which has been a great support for Mick and his family. 

    Due to covid-19 restrictions, it became a virtual event allowing the team to rack up the miles at their own pace and in their own time. They did it at home, in the gym, or outdoors in their local area with cycling apps monitoring their progress throughout. This sector has been hardest hit by the pandemic with almost all fundraising grinding to a halt. Our ‘Your Cycle 2021’ JustGiving page was one of the most successful JustGiving pages last month. Out of thousands of fundraisers, our page reached the top 1%. 

    Matthew Goff, Managing Director, said, “We’re really keen to raise as much as we can for this fantastic charity and are amazed at just how much we’ve managed to raise in one month. Thank you for your support and thank you to all of the staff who have been taking part. This is a cause very close to all of our hearts and we can’t wait to hand that money over to such a deserving charity!”

  4. Thurston Group helps local families put food on the table

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    We’ve been making regular monthly food bank donations to St Georges Lupset. Giving back to the local community and making sure everyone is able to put food on the table. 

    Sadly, some families are struggling to eat even one full meal per day. The pandemic has only made the situation worse and with thousands of job losses still forecast once the furlough scheme ends, this situation is bound to get worse. 

    They run a Food Bank offering emergency support to people in crisis situations. We’ve decided to give back and encourage our staff to bring in donations so we can do monthly drop offs to the centre.

    St Georges Lupset works with the St George’s Community Centre to provide opportunities for learning and improving wellbeing. It also serves as a drop in centre for the local community for a coffee, a chat and a bite to eat. 

    With the Community Centre they are supporting the work of the Credit Union, which provides a way of saving small weekly amounts and provides low interest loans to its members, as well as working with Christians Against Poverty. Offering money coaching to help people budget more effectively and puts people in tough with CAP debt counsellors to help work through difficult circumstances.  

    It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but even more difficult for charities who have struggled to raise funds and are worrying whether they’ll be able to continue. We want to keep this emergency support running so families will always be able to put food on the table.

    Do you want to help St George’s Lupset? You can find out more about how you can help on their website.

  5. Thurston Group chooses its charity of the year

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    We’ve chosen The Community Foundation, based in Wakefield, as our charity of the year. Which will see our employees raising funds throughout the year through a variety of events and fundraisers. While everyone has struggled over the last year, charities and community groups have been hit the hardest. 

    Created in 2007, the Foundation has been in operation for more than 13 years and covers a large geographic area to help the local community in a variety of ways. So far the Foundation has awarded more than £1.75 million to charities, community groups, and individuals across Wakefield. 

    Helping to improve the lives of those living in the area and unite the people of Wakefield. The Foundation raises funds, awards grants, hosts debates, shares advice. Ultimately aiming to be a force for good.

    There are still major pockets of deprivation and it is these areas which the Foundation targets. Hundreds of charities and voluntary groups work across the Wakefield District to try and address the inequality that exists and help the local communities. The Foundation invests in these groups while helping new ones set up, and relies on the generosity of businesses and individuals who care about the where they live and work, and ‘want to give something back’.

    With the restrictions some have found it difficult to raise money and get people motivated to help so we’re keen to raise as much as possible for our charity of the year and get our staff involved in lots of activities throughout the year. Find out how much we’ve raised for Macmillan Cancer Support