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    Thurston Group chooses its charity of the year

    Thurston Group chooses its charity of the year

    We’ve chosen The Community Foundation, based in Wakefield, as our charity of the year. Which will see our employees raising funds throughout the year through a variety of events and fundraisers. While everyone has struggled over the last year, charities and community groups have been hit the hardest. 

    Created in 2007, the Foundation has been in operation for more than 13 years and covers a large geographic area to help the local community in a variety of ways. So far the Foundation has awarded more than £1.75 million to charities, community groups, and individuals across Wakefield. 

    Helping to improve the lives of those living in the area and unite the people of Wakefield. The Foundation raises funds, awards grants, hosts debates, shares advice. Ultimately aiming to be a force for good.

    There are still major pockets of deprivation and it is these areas which the Foundation targets. Hundreds of charities and voluntary groups work across the Wakefield District to try and address the inequality that exists and help the local communities. The Foundation invests in these groups while helping new ones set up, and relies on the generosity of businesses and individuals who care about the where they live and work, and ‘want to give something back’.

    With the restrictions some have found it difficult to raise money and get people motivated to help so we’re keen to raise as much as possible for our charity of the year and get our staff involved in lots of activities throughout the year. Find out how much we’ve raised for Macmillan Cancer Support