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  1. The benefits of a modular office

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    If you’re running a business that needs one or multiple offices, then you’re going to be faced with sky-high prices with a traditional build. Fortunately, there’s an option that’s significantly better than traditional office space: a modular office.

    So we’re going to tell you what one is, and what the benefits are.

    Modular Office: What is it?

    A modular office is office space that’s made out of sustainable materials instead of the classic brick and mortar. A modular office has many benefits that can’t be attributed to traditional office space, making it the superior option.

    Modular Office benefit #1: Cost-effective

    For a business looking for office space, cost is always going to be a consideration. You need to stick to a budget, despite the fact that offices are notoriously expensive to purchase or rent and then run. This makes the cost-effectiveness of modular one of the key selling points.

    Modular is kind to your budget, meaning that you can have the office space you’ve always wanted without the large budget.

    Due to the cost-effectiveness of this option, you’ll often end up with some of your budget left over. This can then be invested elsewhere, further showing why you should take a look at modular.

    Modular Office benefit #2: Speed

    Although modular buildings are great for your budget, they also offer a range of other major benefits. One example is that building times are up to 50% quicker than traditional builds.

    If you’re just starting your business and you know that you’re going to need office space, you’re probably going to want to have this space as fast as you possibly can. Without doubt, modular construction is the fastest way for you to have the office space that you need.

    Although you might not have considered investing in your first office – after all, you can always rent – modular allows you to have office space at a great price.

    Modular Office benefit #3: Transferable office space

    This advantage doesn’t matter for a lot of people, but it’s a great advantage for those who want to make use of it.

    Depending on your situation, one of the main advantages is that you can move them whenever you feel the need to. This is especially good if you’re in a business where you often have to move to a new location; now, you can take your office with you.

    Moving modular buildings is very easy. It’s especially great for a business that wants to be in multiple locations throughout the year, for example, if you know that you can sell more in one location for a part of the year and then better in another location, at another time, you can move your office to suit your needs.

    Modular Office benefit #4: Adaptable

    A lot of businesses start in one office and end up having to move elsewhere. This is usually because they’ve outgrown their current office space. Modular offices are easily adapted to meet your needs. Do you need to need more room for your business? Your modular space can be extended in mere weeks, perhaps days, and for a great price too!

  2. Different Types of Modular Construction

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    If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, modular construction is the solution. Not only is it cheaper, there are also a range of benefits. Keeping that in mind, we’re exploring the different types of modular construction and why it’s beneficial to use modular over traditional.


    Suppliers of education often have to stick to tight budgets so when they need extensions, the budget for them is scarce or non-existent. Whilst modular construction still costs money, providers of education have quickly realised how much cheaper modular buildings are. Not only that but for schools and other providers, there are many benefits to using modular as opposed to traditional.

    Modular buildings can be modified to suit the individual needs of education suppliers. More modules can be added or removed, meaning that, if one year there’s more students than expected, more modules can be installed. On the other hand, modules can be removed if there are less students than originally expected. This, combined with cost savings, make modular construction an option that most schools now choose.

    Portable Offices

    In a lot of jobs, workers are always on the move. One example of this is in construction. Because of this constant moving, new offices are often required wherever the workers move. However, with a modular portable office, workers can take their existing office with them. Workers can get used to the space and customise it to suit their needs, knowing they’ll be taking it with them. The portable office can be expanded and shrunk as needs demand so it’s always suitable for all needs. Also, portable offices are very easy to move. It isn’t going to be a day’s work if the office needs to be moved elsewhere.

    Modular Homes

    With potential homeowners looking for something new, innovative and sustainable, modular housing has rapidly rose to prominence. Modular housing is significantly cheaper when compared to traditionally constructed properties. This is because up to 90% of the construction is completed offsite and then installed onsite quickly. It’s not only a short-term solution either; modular housing can be a long-term alternative to living in a traditionally constructed property.

    As with the portable offices and education buildings, modular homes can be extended and shrunk as the owner pleases. Inside isn’t a conspicuous void and can be as personal as any house, with lots of options. These options mean that lots of people are choosing modular housing as a short-term and long-term option when looking for suitable housing.

    There are numerous benefits to using various types of modular construction for your projects. Reach out and see how we can help you achieve success with your projects.

  3. Modular Construction: Why it’s so brilliant

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    When everything is so expensive in construction, an often-overlooked method of cutting costs is modular construction. So what is modular construction? What can be made and why are they so great?

    What’s modular construction?

    Modular buildings are pre-assembled buildings created from multiple sections known as modules. It differs from other methods of construction as the module sections are constructed offsite; this is one of the reasons why construction is cheaper than traditional methods. Modules are then delivered to the site with final construction and installation concluded at the site. 60-90% of the construction is conducted offsite in a controlled environment such as a factory. Onsite, modules can take anything from a few hours up to days to assemble.

    Modules can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked. The variety of combinations means that there’s lots of customisation when it comes to the configuration and style of the end result.

    Modular buildings can be a short-term solution but also a long-term option. This means that even for a long-term option, you can have a cheaper alternative to traditional construction if you’re on a tight budget.

    What can be made?

    Due to the nature of modular construction, modules can be used anywhere and in any sector. Here’s a few examples of what modules are often used for:

    Education buildings

    Education buildings are often constructed using modules. This is because schools have to stick to tight budgets and year upon year they never quite know how many students they’re going to have. This can often leave them in need of emergency space. Fortunately, modular construction means that they can stick to their budget whilst adjusting their space at will. Not only is modular construction cheaper than the traditional option, it’s also quicker, meaning that schools can have a modular building in no time at all.

    Portable offices

    If somebody is in a role where they know their office is going to have to move a lot, such as construction, modular construction is the perfect option as they can take it with them when they have to move. This means that they don’t have to pay for new space as they’ll be taking their existing space with them.

    Why is it so great?

    Modular offers a lot of choices at an excellent price. This means that people can stick to budgets whilst still getting what they require for potentially half the price, if not cheaper, compared to traditional methods.

    The fact that modular construction can be added to, taken away from and moved is also an excellent quality. It means that if you need more space, you can easily have it. Need less space? That’s an option too. Need to move to a new site? Modular construction allows for that!

  4. Portable modular buildings: Why you need portable offices

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    Portable modular buildings, specifically portable offices, are brilliant. They hold numerous benefits over traditional methods, making it an excellent option if you have to move to different sites often. For example, working in construction. As you may need to move around depending on where the project is.

    The key word here is obviously portable. There are numerous benefits to being able to take these buildings with you as you move:

    • Customisation

    One benefit is that you’re able to customise the space you’re using in a job where you wouldn’t normally be able to do so. When constantly moving around is a crucial aspect of your job, it’s hard to get used to any office that you have. With a portable office, you simply take it with you. Meaning you’ll never have to get used to a new space when you take a new job.

    • Cost-efficient

    It’s also cost-efficient. You’ll save money by taking your portable office with you when you move locations because you don’t need to rent or buy a new one. Saving money is important no matter how little you’re saving.

    • Adaptable 

    One of the most impressive features with portable modular buildings is that they’re adaptable. This means you’ll always be able to customise size, layout and how it looks externally with little hassle. Every business grows over time. With a modular portable office your building can be modified, expanded or reduced to suit requirements. This option is a lot cheaper and easier than moving to a new office. Not only can you stay in the same location, materials are cheaper when adapting and extending portable modular buildings compared to traditional methods.

    What can we do for you?

    So you’ve decided that a portable office is right for your business? There are many ways we can help you with getting your perfect portable office. We don’t just supply the building. We can also offer various specialist features to provide a range of services. For example, do you need computer friendly flooring such as access panels for cabling? We offer bespoke solutions to your problems. Enabling you to have a customised office that will suit your needs for years to come.

    Are you interested in discussing your options? Contact us and find out more.

  5. What can you make from portable modular buildings?

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    Portable modular buildings are increasing in popularity. Incredibly multi-functional, in contrast to traditional methods, they have vast uses and benefits. We’ll explore some of them here:


    • Cost-efficient

    The main benefit of portable modular buildings is that they’re much cheaper to build compared to traditional methods. Whilst you have the same performance, you have it for a much better price.

    • Sustainable

    Another benefit is that they’re much better for the environment. This is because they’re built offsite, using less materials resulting in less waste. But any waste that is produced is easily reused and recycled. Not only is it better for the environment, it also saves time and money.


    • Modular Housing

    Modular housing holds all of the benefits we’ve already discussed of modular buildings but also so much more. Firstly, modular housing is a fantastic option when buying your first property. It’s cheaper, meaning you’re able to own your first property at a much younger age.

    Secondly, modular housing allows for easy expansion. So many people move out of a house they love because they need more room. Fortunately, you can completely avoid this issue with modular housing. It’s incredibly easy and cheap to expand, so you won’t have to move to a new house when you need more room.

    • Modular Buildings for Education

    Education suppliers like schools regularly need to increase the space they have available, making modular the perfect solution. Education providers also have tight budgets. This often means that expanding gets pushed to the bottom of the pile with other needs given precedence. With modular, education providers can afford to expand.

    They can also be adjusted to meet growth requirements. For example, if a school has a massive influx of students that hasn’t been seen before, they might rapidly need to expand. On the other hand, they might all of a sudden need to shrink their space because they have less students. Modular buildings allow customisation year upon year, not just before construction.

    • Portable Office

    If you’re in a job where you often have to move to different sites, such as construction, having a personal, portable office is important. It means that you’re able to personalise and customise the space, as you’ll be taking it with you. As your business grows you may also need more space. Instead of relocating, you can always expand your space by adding another module or reduce it by taking one away. Ultimately saving you money.

    Find out more about some of our projects here.