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    Modular Construction: Why it’s so brilliant

    Modular Construction: Why it’s so brilliant

    When everything is so expensive in construction, an often-overlooked method of cutting costs is modular construction. So what is modular construction? What can be made and why are they so great?

    What’s modular construction?

    Modular buildings are pre-assembled buildings created from multiple sections known as modules. It differs from other methods of construction as the module sections are constructed offsite; this is one of the reasons why construction is cheaper than traditional methods. Modules are then delivered to the site with final construction and installation concluded at the site. 60-90% of the construction is conducted offsite in a controlled environment such as a factory. Onsite, modules can take anything from a few hours up to days to assemble.

    Modules can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked. The variety of combinations means that there’s lots of customisation when it comes to the configuration and style of the end result.

    Modular buildings can be a short-term solution but also a long-term option. This means that even for a long-term option, you can have a cheaper alternative to traditional construction if you’re on a tight budget.

    What can be made?

    Due to the nature of modular construction, modules can be used anywhere and in any sector. Here’s a few examples of what modules are often used for:

    Education buildings

    Education buildings are often constructed using modules. This is because schools have to stick to tight budgets and year upon year they never quite know how many students they’re going to have. This can often leave them in need of emergency space. Fortunately, modular construction means that they can stick to their budget whilst adjusting their space at will. Not only is modular construction cheaper than the traditional option, it’s also quicker, meaning that schools can have a modular building in no time at all.

    Portable offices

    If somebody is in a role where they know their office is going to have to move a lot, such as construction, modular construction is the perfect option as they can take it with them when they have to move. This means that they don’t have to pay for new space as they’ll be taking their existing space with them.

    Why is it so great?

    Modular offers a lot of choices at an excellent price. This means that people can stick to budgets whilst still getting what they require for potentially half the price, if not cheaper, compared to traditional methods.

    The fact that modular construction can be added to, taken away from and moved is also an excellent quality. It means that if you need more space, you can easily have it. Need less space? That’s an option too. Need to move to a new site? Modular construction allows for that!