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  1. The vast range of modular buildings

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    If you’re looking at options when it comes to modular buildings, you’ve probably realised just how many there are. With so many choices available, it’s often difficult to decide which building is best for you. Here we’re going to explore what modular buildings are, why they’re beneficial and some of the options that are available.

    What is a modular building?

    A modular building is the most popular alternative available to traditional construction methods. These buildings are manufactured offsite and are suitable for a range of sectors including education, healthcare and residential.

    The advantages of modular

    Modular construction has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, and has numerous benefits, making it one of the best options for your home or business:


    It’s one of the best options available for anybody looking for a cost-effective solution for their home or their business. Especially for people who might be looking for their first home. It offers everybody the opportunity to own their own space, simply because it’s so kind to your bank balance.

    Easily adapted

    If you need a space that you can easily make changes to in the future, modular can be the solution. You can easily expand modules or remove if you need to downsize due to the way they’re built. This means that you can make changes without all of the trouble of having to pay for a traditional extension.

    Short construction period

    It doesn’t take too long to construct one of these buildings, which is one of the main selling points. As you’ll be aware, brick and mortar buildings take a long period of time to construct. With modular, construction times are considerably reduced. Why? Modular structures are constructed offsite and then installed onsite in a matter of days or hours, so problems such as the weather don’t impact the construction process.

    Types of building

    As mentioned earlier, there’s a variety of buildings that are classified as modular buildings:

    Modular housing

    This option is for everyone. Modular housing is an up-and-coming form of housing that you’ll find worldwide. It’s an increasingly popular option for young people who are looking to invest in their first home, simply because it’s cost-effective to move into one of these properties as opposed to other construction methods. It’s perfect for those who can’t afford a traditional house for whatever reason. The materials are cheaper and construction is completed in a factory; both contributing factors to it being a great way to move into owning your own property.

    Modular education building

    Schools have smaller budgets than they have ever had in the past. This means that cheaper, high-quality education buildings are perfect for schools that need to expand but on a budget. Modular buildings can be used for any form of education, as they are an extremely adaptable option. This means that you can use them for primary schools, secondary schools, and extended education locations. Modular education buildings are the best option for schools as the space is adaptable. It can be changed year upon year to meet demand.

  2. Five advantages of modular buildings

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    Modular buildings are six sided steel boxes manufactured offsite and can be stacked or put side by side. They have distinctive advantages, making them a much better modular and portable building solution. Here are five advantages of modular buildings in your project:

    1. QUICKER

    Modular buildings are built up to 50% quicker than using the traditional method. As they are made offsite, most of the building is already done in the manufacturing process, before it even comes to site. It’s also assembled and installed quickly too.

    2. CHEAPER

    They are quicker and require less time and material to build. This makes it cheaper than using other methods, particularly traditional methods. In a controlled factory environment, projects are planned out in advance. This means that we only use the materials that we need on each build, minimising waste. If there is any waste, this can be reused or recycled saving money on other projects and improving our sustainability.


    Being built offsite in a factory reduces site disturbance, and it takes away the view of a never ending construction site. Businesses can continue running day to day operations smoothly.


    The buildings are more flexible as they are easier to relocate if they need to be moved. We’re also able to work closely with the client on bespoke designs. Able to fit in with current buildings or be brand new.


    The modular can be built to fit most industries and adapt to the needs of the user. They can be modified once built so if a space needs to be extended or reduced. It’s simple and easy to do so.

    These are the five advantages of modular buildings. Do you need a modular or portable building solution for your project? Contact us today to find out more.