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    Five advantages of modular buildings

    Five advantages of modular buildings

    Modular buildings are six sided steel boxes manufactured offsite and can be stacked or put side by side. They have distinctive advantages, making them a much better modular and portable building solution. Here are five advantages of modular buildings in your project:

    1. QUICKER

    Modular buildings are built up to 50% quicker than using the traditional method. As they are made offsite, most of the building is already done in the manufacturing process, before it even comes to site. It’s also assembled and installed quickly too.

    2. CHEAPER

    They are quicker and require less time and material to build. This makes it cheaper than using other methods, particularly traditional methods. In a controlled factory environment, projects are planned out in advance. This means that we only use the materials that we need on each build, minimising waste. If there is any waste, this can be reused or recycled saving money on other projects and improving our sustainability.


    Being built offsite in a factory reduces site disturbance, and it takes away the view of a never ending construction site. Businesses can continue running day to day operations smoothly.


    The buildings are more flexible as they are easier to relocate if they need to be moved. We’re also able to work closely with the client on bespoke designs. Able to fit in with current buildings or be brand new.


    The modular can be built to fit most industries and adapt to the needs of the user. They can be modified once built so if a space needs to be extended or reduced. It’s simple and easy to do so.

    These are the five advantages of modular buildings. Do you need a modular or portable building solution for your project? Contact us today to find out more.