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    Why You Should Consider Modular Commercial Buildings For Multiple Offices

    Why You Should Consider Modular Commercial Buildings For Multiple Offices

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been scrutinising the purpose of ‘traditional’ offices and how they are used. So much is now being made of Modular Construction which is currently on the rise worldwide, with Modular Commercial Buildings being the fastest growing sector in this market.

    This presents an opportunity for your businesses to adopt a more flexible approach when it comes to increasing your office space. There are several reasons why we ‘re likely to see an increase in office space in future.

    Smaller Suburban Offices

    After the pandemic, employees may be hesitant to travel longer distances in busy trains to work at companies’ Headquarters. Especially if they don’t have office space in their homes, they’ll need an office space to do their jobs. Therefore, we may see the rise of smaller office spaces located in the suburban areas where companies or employees can rent a desk.

    Advantages of modular commercial buildings for multiple offices

    Here are some of the advantages of Modular Commercial Buildings for multiple offices so that you can increase your office space, or use it differently.

    • Lower cost: A Modular Commercial building is usually more cost-effective than traditional construction methods, which can be beneficial for start-ups or to help you to get more stretch from your budget.
    • Speedy construction: You don’t have to worry about the weather halting a modular building construction, because the manufacturing process takes care of that. Thurston Group modular office buildings are manufactured and built in our warehouses so they are ready to be installed.
    • Fully customisable: Modular office spaces can be fully customised with your corporate branding, including colours and logo. This can help to boost your visual brand identity with employees, customers and visitors.
    • Modern design: Modular commercial buildings are typically aesthetically pleasing and constructed using modern and sustainable materials with a range of finishes.
    • Room for modification: A big benefit of modular commercial buildings is that it is possible for you to change the internal layout of a modular commercial building, depending on its design. For example, you can remove or adjust interior walls in some modular office buildings to better suit how you want to use the space.

    The future of modular offices

    It makes sense to expect growth in flexible office spaces in the coming years, and modular office buildings, with their speedy construction, lower cost, and flexibility, will be at the forefront of this growth.

    For more information about modular offices and their benefits, or to discuss the modular process that could help you achieve your multiple offices dream, get in touch with us today.