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    Turnkey Solutions For Every Sector – How We Did It

    Turnkey Solutions For Every Sector – How We Did It

    The beauty of modular construction is its adaptability. And here at Thurston, we’ve perfected the art of creating bespoke solutions for a wide range of sectors.

    There is a turnkey solution for each sector that runs all the way through from consultancy to design and build. With more than 50 years of know-how and expertise we have crafted our turnkey solutions to suit you.

    What is the Thurston Group turnkey building solution?

    Broadly speaking, our turnkey solutions stages follows:

    1. Consultancy
    2. Design
    3. Construction and Manufacturing
    4. Delivery and Installation
    5. Handover and Occupation

    Thurston produces around 5,000 individual modular units per year, from our Three factories. Right at the start of the project, we work closely with the client on bespoke design to exactly suit their sector-specific needs.

    At the design stage, we utilise the RIBA Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) for constant monitoring and improvement. This allows us to tighten efficiency, measure improvement and lower costs.

    Most of the buildings manufacturing takes place in our factories, which enables us to implement a strict quality control process. It also means that the project is never held up by weather or external factors in the way traditional construction projects can be.

    Sector by sector: how the Thurston turnkey solution works

    From single module buildings to multi-storeys, our range is flexible so that we can get it exactly right for each sector.


    The healthcare sector has specific requirements for construction projects.

    Modular construction allows for flexibility in size, layout, sustainability and waste reduction. As it takes half the time compared with traditonal construction methods, it’s ideal for a sector that needs state-of-the art buildings at the lowest possible cost without compromising on quality.

    Within healthcare, there are numerous technical standards and guidance that must be adhered to for building purposes.

    From the green leases framework to health technical memoranda and health building notes, the Department of Health and Social Care website lists the kinds of standards the sector demands.

    And because of our off-site construction and variety of modular healthcare buildings we can build, we’re able to adapt our turnkey solution to each and every scenario.

    Whether the solution is for temporary or permanent use, the building is handed over to the client read for occupation and fully functional. Around 90% of the entire build takes place off-site, so there is minimal disruption to other patients or staff when it’s installed on site.

    Bespoke interior design options can be flexed to meet individual hygiene control standards. We also include bed head services that incorporate medical paraphernalia, entertainment and comms systems.


    Working closely with the Department for Education, Thurston has developed  our turnkey solution dedicated to this sector.

    We deliver the buildings over 50% faster than traditional construction methods, which keeps costs down and minimises disruption to the educational establishment itself.

    Again, 90% of the construction is off-site and installation is fast, quiet and minimally invasive. We work with the individual project owner to devise the necessary design and construction method and have a full range of décor options for interior walls and layout.

    Finishes include everything from green roofs to brick cladding, rendering and we also provide IT compatible installations if needed.

    The Thurston galvanised steel modular system is guaranteed for up to six decades, which means every building provided has essentially a lifetime guarantee.

    We are able to design bespoke solutions for the individual project requirement and can match existent buildings or provide a standalone block. All of the educational modular buildings we provide conform to the building requirements of the Department for Skills and Education as well as UK Building Regulations.

    Office, Commercial and Industrial

    Our Surespan modular building range is BBA accredited, with a 60 year design life guarantee. Backed up with our ISO quality management processes throughout all phases of the project.

    Commercial and industrial buildings have many different specifications, and it can be tricky for businesses to find existing buildings that cater for their specific commercial needs, and this is where our modular building solutions works best.

    We can fully customise the building and ensure it covers everything the client needs. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent office, a public sector building add on, a distribution centre or conference centre, our turnkey solutions work for you.

    In the 50 years we’ve been in the industry, we’ve supplied industrial and commercial buildings to a wide range of businesses across retail, hospitality, factories and much more.

    Complete with options for computer-compatible flooring and containment systems for data streams and IT, our commercial turnkey solution can be adapted for any business.


    We work with local authorities, developers and architects to deliver the kind of housing that is desperately needed in the UK.

    Each home, whether an apartment block with multiple storeys or a single unit – is pre-designed, constructed off site and is immediately functional upon occupation.

    High quality standards and adherence to sustainability principles go along with adaptable aesthetic design options and a wide range of fixtures and finishings.

    Today, a modular home is not visibly different from a traditionally constructed home. They can be supplied as permanent or temporary structures if needed.

    Our design process is thorough and comprehensive, working with the client to match what they want whilst also obtaining the necessary planning permission. After designing the building layout, our team of experts devise the construction phase plan, which always focuses on efficiency and quality. Only when all of this is complete does manufacturing start in one of our factories.

    Sports and Leisure

    Thurston provides a turnkey solutions for the sports and leisure sector, with a variety of configurations, applications and layouts available.

    We can adapt them to be installed on different foundations, including ground beams or on a concrete base.

    The kinds of modular buildings we provide in this sector include, team changing rooms, sports halls and leisure centres. Our design and construction stages are broadly similar to those we use for other sectors, with the only changes related to the specific needs of the sports or leisure facilities.

    Defence and Custodial

    We have a dedicated modular building designed specifically for this sector – Surecell. It’s an industry leading benchmark for best practice in this sector, and adheres to the Safer Detention Guidelines for buildings.

    The cells are relocatable and the steel structure is reinforced with steel wall panels and beams, along with interlocking load-bearing floors. Providing a truly flexible  design, our modular Custodial solutions are used by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence as well as many Police Authority forces throughout the UK.


    A smooth-running construction site needs ancillary buildings, toilets, changing and locker rooms, canteens, offices along with welfare and rest areas. We can provide modular buildings for all these applications, with fixtures and fittings included.

    Fully integrated office and welfare buildings can be provided, and as in all sectors, buildings are handed over fully functional and ready for use. Multiple storey designs with all the necessary staircases, steps and landings included are available in order to utilise and minimise the sites footprint.

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