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  1. YMC’s Container Solutions

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    Thurston’s is part of a wider group of businesses. Whilst we focus on modular construction, one of our sister businesses, Yorkshire Marine Containers (YMC), focuses on various shipping containers. Whether you’re planning a new modular construction or need YMC’s container solutions, we can help. Find out more about YMC’s container solutions:

    How many different shipping containers exist?

    If you’re looking at shipping containers and don’t know much about them, you’ll find it difficult with so many options available. So we’re here to make it easier for you. We explain all that you need to know about YMC’s shipping containers.

    • Equipment Housings

    Your equipment is vital for your business so making sure that you store your equipment properly is important. This means that equipment housings may be a good option. Although these are not technically shipping containers, they still look exactly like standard shipping containers. Built in factories, there’s many options for bespoke integrated housings. Whether you need one standalone building or multi-module buildings, equipment housings can be built specifically to your needs. They’re designed in any size, shape or configuration for any industry. Your containers can come fitted with mechanicals internally so that your housings are ready to use upon delivery, if needed.

    • Multi-Use Containers

    These models of shipping container have a range of different uses no matter what industry you specialise in. Freight, military and waste management are already using these. Despite the fact they can be used in a range of situations, multi-use containers are still customised to your specific needs but in a way that means in theory, they can be used for other things too. For example, you may require something specific for military industries that you don’t require for freight.

    If you work with an inexperienced business, it can cost you. So it’s important to make sure that you work with a business that’s experienced in the shipping containers industry.

    • Nuclear Freight Containers

    Nuclear freight containers are shipping containers specially designed to meet the needs of people working within the nuclear industry, such as nuclear waste. YMC puts these containers through rigorous tests making sure they meet the clients’ needs. If you’re in an industry where you’re transporting potentially dangerous waste and materials, it’s important that your nuclear freight containers don’t present a danger to anybody.

    Nuclear shipping containers can be made to suit individual needs and specifications. Whilst they can be made to your needs, YMC is stringent when it comes to making sure that it’s safe for housing and transporting dangerous contents.

    Visit the YMC website today to explore all options for shipping containers.