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  1. Blast Building Solutions

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    Thurston Group is a leading manufacturer of blast resistant cabins and modular building solutions.

    Engineered to to meet the highest safety and environmental standards, and constructed to perform from within the most rigorous and extreme environments, our various solutions meet all COMAH Requirements.

    Designed to meet your needs

    Ultrablast buildings work as stand-alone cabins or can be linked to create a much larger building to provide protection in hazardous working environments. Blast resistance levels of up to 1000MB can be achieved. These highly specialised buildings can be used in many applications such as accommodation, control rooms, offices, canteens, toilets, shower blocks or storage areas.

    The Ultrablast range has set new groundbreaking standards in Safety and Comfort and with bespoke designs available to meet your exact specification, it’s available in a range of sizes and with various options for internal and external finishes. The Ultrablast units are the ultimate in quality, safety and security for your business. Our Ultrablast range can also include architectural features to match your corporate image as well as local or environmental planning requirements.

    Proven Protection

    You can rely on Ultrablast to:

    • Fully comply with all health & safety regulations
    • Meet or exceed stringent blast resistant standards specified by all major companies involved in the petrochemical industry
    • Protect your employees and your reputation
    • Provide additional peace of mind protection

    The Ultrablast range can be designed to each of three levels of deformation response, meaning that, in the event of an explosion, the building could still be used as a central facility to co-ordinate an emergency response, if required.

  2. Swap body containers – a streamlined solution for the logistics market

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    Today consumers expect to receive packages quicker. This puts added pressure on distributors and logistics services to provide a seamless service and quick turnaround. Logistics and transportation sectors must invest in offsite construction solutions, in particular, swap body containers, to meet demand. 

    Thurston’s Managing Director, Matthew Goff, shares the key benefits.

    Streamlined Productivity

    The primary use for swap body containers is to ship goods. When transporting using these containers, goods can be loaded from the side and top so that drivers can easily load all component parts from one unit to another with ease. This is extremely beneficial when a driver’s been on the road for a long period of time and the next driver needs to quickly load the unit onto another vehicle. One container can also carry multiple units, minimising waiting times and streamlining productivity.


    Compared to standard shipping containers, swap body containers are lighter in weight as they have been designed to minimise empty weight. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and provides a cost-effective solution to businesses.

    The containers also reduce life cycle costs. Made from high-quality and durable materials, they’re built to last and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.


    Swap bodies can also be used as a mobile storage module. When the swap body is fully loaded, the vehicle can transport it straight away. This reduces loading time. On average, it only takes five minutes to replace a swap body with another container, making it one of the most efficient ways to transport goods.  


    Whether it’s transporting across rail, road or sea, these containers provide a versatile solution. Most containers are individually customised to suit the needs of the market. This makes it an ideal solution for shipping and logistics companies that require certain specifications and sizes.  


  3. Anti-blast container benefits

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    Some industries are undisputedly and unavoidably dangerous. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re always protecting your staff. You can enhance your business in multiple ways with an anti-blast container. Whilst safety is the most important, here are the main anti-blast container benefits:


    Safety is the prime quality of an anti-blast portable building. In particular working environments, where there’s a danger of an explosion, a blast resistant building can guarantee your staff’s safety.

    Although staff choose where they work, it can still be a concern if there are life threatening issues. You can make sure that your staff don’t have to worry with an anti-blast building, and instead focus on making sure that they’re working productively and effectively.

    Bespoke facilities

    Containers can be custom-made to suit specific needs. There’s a range of facilities that can be installed including a bathroom, a kitchen or an office. Not only can you have these facilities, but they can look stylish so staff can have the best experience possible. Allowing everyone to be safe and comfortable.

    Good reputation

    You can build a good reputation with an anti-blast container. If your clients and potential clients know you’re doing all that you can to assure the safety of your staff, they’re more likely to work with you. Whilst it is an expense,  you’ll certainly make your money back with the extra work that will be available to you and your team if you build a good reputation.

    More opportunities

    If your current job doesn’t require a blast resistant container, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a worthwhile investment. Even though you don’t need it now you may need it in future. They may even open more doors for your business. If somebody needs a potentially dangerous job doing, and finds out that you have an anti-blast container, it gives you the upper hand.

    Investing in a container that will protect your staff from dangerous situations is a great idea for your business and the anti-blast container benefits are vast. Not only will it boost the morale of your team, it’ll give you a good reputation for caring about your staff and potentially lead to you getting jobs that you may not have been able to get before.  So what are you waiting for?

  4. Anti-blast containers explained

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    No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to ensure that your staff are safe at all times. It’s especially vital to ensure the safety of your staff working on high risk sites. If you’re looking for a way to protect your staff, you might have come across anti-blast containers.

    Are you unsure about anti-blast containers and want to find out more? This blog post explains what anti-blast containers are, what they’re used for, and their benefits.

    What is an anti-blast container?

    This container, which is also known as an Ultrablast resistant building or blast resistant building, is essentially a building that’s bomb-proof.

    Although a bomb-proof container might not be top of your list, it’s important to ensure the safety of those who work with extremely hazardous materials. Even if staff are surrounded by potentially dangerous materials, blast-proof containers mean that they’ll always be safe.

    What are they used for?

    Essentially, these containers protect personnel from dangerous scenarios.

    Where would it be ideal to have one of these containers?

    You’ll need a blast-resistant container to protect your employees if you work on high risk sites. If you work somewhere where demolitions happen every day, for example.

    What are the benefits?

    • Keep staff safeOne of the main benefits is that your staff will always be kept safe when using this container. Especially when working in volatile environments. It’s important to make sure that you have these containers to keep everybody in the area safe.
    • Staff can focus on workImagine going to work somewhere where you’re worried about your life? With an anti-blast container, your staff can focus on the job at hand, as they’ll know that there’s no reason to worry.
    • Good reputationIf you’re protecting your staff, you’ll have a good reputation in your industry. Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t look after their staff’s safety when this should be one of their main concerns. This means that if you look after your staff, you’ll be ahead of the competition in the eyes of anybody that might want to use the services that you have on offer.
    • Offers more opportunitiesIf you currently have to do certain jobs due to the fact that you don’t have an anti-blast container, it could be worth investing in one. Why? Because it can open more opportunities for your business. With anti-blast containers, you’ll be able to offer many services that other companies may not offer.
  5. YMC’s Container Solutions

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    Thurston’s is part of a wider group of businesses. Whilst we focus on modular construction, one of our sister businesses, Yorkshire Marine Containers (YMC), focuses on various shipping containers. Whether you’re planning a new modular construction or need YMC’s container solutions, we can help. Find out more about YMC’s container solutions:

    How many different shipping containers exist?

    If you’re looking at shipping containers and don’t know much about them, you’ll find it difficult with so many options available. So we’re here to make it easier for you. We explain all that you need to know about YMC’s shipping containers.

    • Equipment Housings

    Your equipment is vital for your business so making sure that you store your equipment properly is important. This means that equipment housings may be a good option. Although these are not technically shipping containers, they still look exactly like standard shipping containers. Built in factories, there’s many options for bespoke integrated housings. Whether you need one standalone building or multi-module buildings, equipment housings can be built specifically to your needs. They’re designed in any size, shape or configuration for any industry. Your containers can come fitted with mechanicals internally so that your housings are ready to use upon delivery, if needed.

    • Multi-Use Containers

    These models of shipping container have a range of different uses no matter what industry you specialise in. Freight, military and waste management are already using these. Despite the fact they can be used in a range of situations, multi-use containers are still customised to your specific needs but in a way that means in theory, they can be used for other things too. For example, you may require something specific for military industries that you don’t require for freight.

    If you work with an inexperienced business, it can cost you. So it’s important to make sure that you work with a business that’s experienced in the shipping containers industry.

    • Nuclear Freight Containers

    Nuclear freight containers are shipping containers specially designed to meet the needs of people working within the nuclear industry, such as nuclear waste. YMC puts these containers through rigorous tests making sure they meet the clients’ needs. If you’re in an industry where you’re transporting potentially dangerous waste and materials, it’s important that your nuclear freight containers don’t present a danger to anybody.

    Nuclear shipping containers can be made to suit individual needs and specifications. Whilst they can be made to your needs, YMC is stringent when it comes to making sure that it’s safe for housing and transporting dangerous contents.

    Visit the YMC website today to explore all options for shipping containers.