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    Portable Modular Buildings: Why you need portable offices

    Portable modular buildings – specifically portable offices – are brilliant. They hold numerous benefits over standard brick and mortar constructions that makes it an excellent option for you if you often have to move to different sites as part of your job. For example, if you work in construction, once you’ve finished a project, you need to move elsewhere for your next project. So, are you interested to find out why you need portable modular buildings? Here’s why!

    You can take portable modular buildings with you

    The common word in the name portable modular buildings and portable offices is obviously portable. The fact that both are portable is a very important and useful characteristic of the two. There’s numerous benefits of the fact that you can take them with you everywhere.

    One benefit is the fact that you can customise the space you’re using in a job where you wouldn’t normally be able to do so. When constantly moving around is a crucial aspect of your job, for example, construction, it’s hard to get used to any office that you have. After all, you’re going to have to move to a new office in no time at all where you’d have to start all over again. Well, with a portable office, you simply take your office with you. This means that you never have to get used to a new space as you’re taking your old space with you when you move.

    Another benefit is that you save money by taking your portable modular building/office with you when you move locations. The reason you save money is that you don’t have to invest in a new office as you’ve brought your existing one with you to the new job. Saving money is obviously important, no matter how little you’re saving.

    Adaptable over time

    One of the most impressive features when it comes to portable modular buildings is that you can adapt them over time. This means you can constantly customise size, what’s inside and how it looks on the outside without any hassle. This holds many benefits.

    The first benefit is that you don’t have to move to a new office every time you need something different. For example, if your office is suddenly too small for your requirements, many people would end up having to move to a new office instead of staying in their current. With the portable offices however, you don’t have to move to a new office. You can simply have it modified so that it represents whatever you now require. This is much easier and cheaper than moving elsewhere.

    The second benefit of the ability to customise your portable offices is that it’s much cheaper than having to move elsewhere. This is not only because the base construction is already there but also because the materials are cheaper when adapting and extending portable modular buildings as opposed to doing either with a brick and mortar construction.

    What can Thurston do for you?

    So, you’ve decided that a portable office is for you and your business? There’s many ways that we can help you with getting your perfect portable office. Whilst we can supply you a portable modular building, we can also offer a number of specialist features so that it provides many services that you might require from it. For example, do you need computer friendly flooring such as access panels for cabling? We can provide that for you.

    We offer bespoke solutions to your problems so that you can have a customised office that’s going to suit your needs for years to come.

    Are you interested in discussing your options? You can get in touch with us today by calling 01924 265 461.