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    The Benefits Of Business Expansion Using Modular Buildings

    The Benefits Of Business Expansion Using Modular Buildings

    UK businesses have been under stress from all kinds of external pressures over the last few years. From Brexit to COVID and from pandemic loans to soaring inflation, the economic outlook can make it difficult for many to plan ahead for expansion.

    But for those businesses that are growing, the need for physical space and expansion of corporate or site premises is a constant headache. And, while modular buildings provide the ideal solution for these kinds of business expansion needs, many businesses simply overlook them. At Thurston Group, we regularly work with clients who are looking for some extra space for their existing business. We’re also seeing the trend towards modular solutions for expansion growing year on year.

    Why choose modular buildings for business expansion?

    The first, and usually most important, reason for businesses to go with a modular solution to expanding their premises, is cost.

    Searching for a new office or site premises building can suck up time, energy and money, while the modular option is faster, cheaper and far more convenient. It’s also totally flexible, in a way that traditional office expansions simply aren’t.

    Misconceptions surrounding modular construction are still out there, with the legacy of post war pre-fabs looming large in some minds. The idea that a modular building is going to be aesthetically unsuitable or somehow unsuitable for business expansion is a hangover from the past.

    Today’s modular buildings are largely indistinguishable from traditional builds once on site and up and running. Because they are constructed off-site until the installation stage, there is also far less disruption to the business while expanding physical space.

    Modular buildings can also work for any business sector or environment. From expanding health centres and hospitals to adding on office space, educational space or construction site space, there are endless uses.

    1. Modular buildings will save time

    Development utilising modular construction is far more accessible and flexible than conventional construction. At Thurston Group, we manufacture every unit in our own factories, and don’t appear on site until installation.

    A swift installation later, the building is up and running and ready for use. They can be configured with equipment, layouts or designs to the client’s specific needs, and require far fewer people throughout the entire process.

    We’ve found over 50 years of modular construction that the factory production of modular buildings means we can ensure there is no delay to the project competition – something that is exceptionally important for businesses who are expanding. As we build everything to tried and tested compliance procedures, all the red tape is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    2. Saving money through modular expansion

    Adding a modular building to expand an office or other work site is cheaper than conventional methods. This is partly because we can control the entire process with minimal disruption, and partly because there is less need to get bogged down with unnecessary details.

    Depending on the business budget, hiring modular buildings is also a possibility. This allows for the possibility of scaling up and scaling down, making it far more flexible and cost-effective than traditional office buildings.

    3. Minimal disruption to the business

    The build takes place off site, and then the implementation takes juts a few days. This is a real bonus for businesses that need to expand quickly, and can’t afford the disruption of a total site move. There is no need to stop work on site at all when modular buildings come into the mix.

    4. Modular office buildings are customisable

    Regardless of the business’ needs for functionality, size or usage, modular buildings are fully flexible. If a business needs a larger storage area rather than space for people, that can happen. Or, if they want to add a break room for employees, that can happen.

    The functionality of modular buildings is endless – they can fit in to whatever a business needs.

    5. Easier mobility

    Modular buildings can easily be transported from one location to another. Therefore, businesses can mix and match their modular buildings for their specific needs. If they expand in a different location, they can simply move their office modules to the new location.

    This kind of functionality and flexibility is extremely expensive with traditional office space, as businesses would need to find the ideal building and then rent it on strict terms.

    6. Superior sound insulation

    For any business that needs space for different operations, modular buildings are perfect. They offer sound insulation that means noise from one building won’t carry into another.

    Each module is self-contained and made from independent materials, rather than the shared elements necessary in a traditional building. This makes for a calmer, more productive work environment.

    7. Full flexibility for the lifecycle of the project

    We know that every client has different needs from their office space. And we are able to create bespoke solutions that exactly match them. Our turnkey solutions incorporate everything from design and planning permission (if necessary) through to end-to-end project management.

    Our manufacturing processes mean that we are never held back by poor weather conditions or lack of contractors. This pared down process doesn’t compromise on quality or compliance, but is much faster and simpler. All of which brings the cost down and ensures that the business is able to expand its physical location as quickly and easily as possible.

    Adaptable for many different industry sectors, modular buildings offer a bespoke, hassle-free solution for business expansion, whether it’s for an office, to add a bathroom, locker room or conference room, to increase storage or to provide more space for employees to take their breaks. Contact us here if you’d like to expand your business using our bespoke modular building solution.