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    How to Increase Your Warehouse Space

    How to Increase Your Warehouse Space

    Warehouse space can be hard to find. In fact, according to a report by property agent Cushman last year, Britain could run out of warehousing space within a year. So, if you need more space, but can’t find it, or it’s too pricey, what are the alternatives?

    In a word, or rather two word: Modular Buildings.

    By utilising modular storage, it’s possible to efficiently and cost-effectively maximise your existing warehouse space, and gain more.

    Modular Building uses for maximising warehouse space

    Modular Buildings are incredibly versatile and can fulfil almost any purpose required. Here are some ways they can be used to help you maximise your warehouse space.

    Increase Storage Volume

    Probably the most straightforward way to get more space and increase storage volume is to use modular buildings to increase the square footage of your available storage space.

    Whether you use modular warehouses to store products waiting to be sold, or as a manufacturing base which requires lots of raw materials, anti-vandal modular buildings can give you the extra room you need to store more, and expand without putting any of your stock at risk.

    Move offices and facilities out of the warehouse to free up more warehouse space

    Another very common use for modular buildings and a way to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse space is to move facilities that are taking up space in your warehouse into modular buildings. This is a good way to free up your warehouse space for its intended purpose. Modular buildings are perfect for this purpose given their size, insulated walls, and security.

    It’s not just offices that can be moved from a warehouse to provide extra warehouse space, all facilities including canteens, toilets, showers and even dedicated meeting rooms can have their own space, customised to each site.

    Modular building advantages

    Modular buildings have many advantages, and we’re going to outline three main benefits when you need extra warehouse space.

    1. They are customisable

    One of the main advantages of modular buildings is the ability to customise and personalise the buildings to suit any space and any function.

    The size, shape, and included features can all be added and removed where necessary, to make sure you only ever get the building space that you need. Being able to fit a new building into or near an existing warehouse structure, perhaps on a site with not much extra space, is a huge advantage. And you might be surprised with just how much extra space you can unlock with the clever use of modular buildings.

    2. They are cost-effective

    Another huge advantage of using modular buildings to increase warehouse space is the cost, especially when compared with the cost of adding full new buildings.

    Many factors, from the materials that modular buildings are made of, to the ease of construction and low transport costs, all contribute to the fact that modular buildings are a cost-effective way to add space where needed.

    Discover the difference between modular and traditional construction here.

    3. They can be constructed quickly

    Another thing that helps keep costs and effort minimal is the speed at which modular buildings can be erected.

    Realising you need more space, and actually deciding to invest can be a big decision. Which is why modular buildings can provide a good solution.

    To find out more about how to use modular buildings to increase your warehouse space, please contact us, or call 0333 577 0883.