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    How modular buildings have revolutionised the way classrooms are delivered

    How modular buildings have revolutionised the way classrooms are delivered

    More and more schools are choosing modular building designs when creating new classrooms and educational spaces to accommodate rapidly expanding student populations across the UK. Offsite construction has long been considered a go-to choice when constructing temporary classrooms, but today schools are opting to go modular even when constructing permanent school buildings. But why?

    Contemporary aesthetics

    Forget the modular buildings, or ‘school huts’, of years gone by. Today’s offsite technology offers contemporary aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality. Modular classrooms are designed around research-led principles in education, creating the ideal space for optimal learning as well as ensuring teachers and school leaders have adequate space for storage and group activities. Modular builds can be equipped with cladding to match the look of older school buildings, and in most cases now schools choose to position new modular classrooms at the front of the school grounds to show off their contemporary design.

    A cost-effective option

    Over the past decade, schools across the UK have felt the tightening of education budgets and austerity. This has pushed managers and leaders to explore more cost-effective options. Modular buildings offer schools and colleges a way to adapt their classroom space to meet the needs of a changing school population without overspending on budget. When considering the quality of the design and build of modular classrooms as well as the cost, modular building offers one of the most high-value options to schools.

    Fast construction

    Another significant advantage of modular buildings is the speed at which they can be constructed. Modular classrooms can often be delivered and installed in a matter of weeks, which is essential when accommodating a growing school population. This is in contrast to traditional construction methods which can often take months or even years to complete. This also allows schools to construct new classrooms and school buildings over the summer without causing unnecessary disruption during term time.

    Excellent green credentials

    Offsite construction for schools is also an excellent option for educational institutions that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Modular solutions are typically constructed off-site in a factory setting, which reduces the amount of construction waste produced. This means that fewer resources are used during the construction process, and any waste produced can be recycled or reused. Additionally, modular buildings can be designed to meet high thermal performance standards, meaning they require less energy to heat and cool – saving schools money on their energy bills.

    Why Thurston Group?

    At the Thurston Group, we offer turnkey solutions for schools and educational institutions looking for high-quality permanent buildings that can be efficiently designed and constructed around specific requirements.

    Accommodate an expanding student population in state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with all the mod cons your students are used to and more. With years of experience designing and constructing modular buildings for schools and colleges across the UK, you can trust us to create the perfect teaching and learning spaces for your staff and students.

    To find out more about our bespoke modular education buildings and why these could work for your school, contact us today on 0333 577 0883 to discuss our modular classroom solutions.