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    Homes England makes MMC push

    Homes England makes MMC push

    Homes England set to make Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) push. Telling its potential strategic partners, if they want more deals, that they need to start committing to increasing the use of MMC on projects. 

    Strategic partnerships provide housing providers with access to funding via a multi-year grant, rather than on a scheme-by-scheme basis. This means that organisations will have more stability because they can rely on a steady cash flow. 

    To be considered for a strategic partnership, applicants must “demonstrate a significant commitment to Homes England’s broader aims, from increasing the use of MMC to promoting great design.” After a shake-up, the Government body has expanded the types of organisations that it will form strategic partnerships with enabling more people to apply. Local authorities, developers and not-for-profit registered providers are now eligible. 

    Since its launch three years ago, there have been 23 deals with around 27 housing associations agreed. The government claims that the partnerships have delivered around £1.8billion in grant investment and built more than 40,000 homes across the country. Homes England has also highlighted that its initial phase of strategic partnerships also reported some unexpected benefits including unlocking difficult sites for development, attracting investment and accelerating delivery. 

    This is a welcome idea as the uptake in MMC and offsite construction has been relatively slow, despite its speed, quality and environmental benefits. With a push from Homes England, it’s what the industry needs to build greener and be more innovative. With the homes being built and 90 percent completed offsite in a controlled factory environment, there’s reduced waste, reduced disruption to neighbouring communities and reduced traffic in and out of site. 

    We’re able to provide a turnkey solution. Do you think a push towards MMC could help with your housing needs? We’re able to help. Find out how by reaching out today. 

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