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    Factory built classrooms

    Factory built classrooms

    Do you need more space around your school? Are you short on time? If so, then a factory built classroom is the solution.

    Background – a modular building is built offsite, typically in a factory away from the ‘live’ work site.

    The classroom is essentially just a space that can be built to the client’s specifications – it can be used for so much more than just a classroom – staffing accommodation, nurseries, training facilities and day centres. As the classrooms are built offsite they come along with the same advantages as other modular buildings.

    Here are the benefits of a factory built classroom:

    • Less disruption

    The installation procedure has less disruption than one built on site as most of the work is already done in the factory. This means the build has no impact on the day to day operations of the business. Building offsite reduces the risk to children and inconvenience to teachers trying to teach. It also reduces the possibility of children walking into a ‘live’ working site, where they can potentially harm themselves.

    • High quality

    A big issue that affects all potential buyers as well as users of the building is the quality. Will it stand up against a traditionally built classroom made out of bricks? The answer is yes, if you use the right manufacturer. We have certificates proving it. The BBA 60-year agreement certificate guarantees durability.

    A decent manufacturer will have thought-out the outcomes and scenarios for the building and what materials should be used to avoid problems in the future. The use of corrosion resistant materials are a way to strengthen the classroom and make it last longer, thus, it can be met against the standards of a traditionally built classroom.

    • Customisation

    If you get the right company the sky is the limit. The classroom can blend in with the rest of the school or look brand new. Brick cladding, rendering, pitched roof and green roof are just a few of the variations that can be arranged.

    • Speed

    Built offsite in a factory, away from bad weather and the public, it can also be completed in a shorter time frame than starting from scratch onsite.  It also keeps people out of harm’s way and the construction does not have to be put on hold due to inclement weather – it’s a win-win situation.