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    Considering an Anti-Vandal Portable Cabin

    Having something that’s portable but still highly secure is obviously difficult. This is because most portable cabins are designed to be portable: not secure. Fortunately, innovative options have now become available. Anti-vandal portable cabins are portable yet still secure – the perfect combination. At Thurston Group, we specialise in strong and safe anti-vandal portable cabins. We have many ranges to suit your precise requirements which will be explained in this blog post, so you can decide what you need. Anti-vandal portable cabins are a great idea as it will keep the contents much safer, so you have no need to worry when you go home at night. So, what are the advantages of an anti-vandal portable cabin and what options are available?


    • Anti-vandal: It’s important that your property is safe when you’re not on location. That safety is provided with these containers as they’re anti-vandal. It means that you can go home, relax and not worry about your containers.
    • Value: For the safety that you get with anti-vandal containers, the price that you pay is good value. It’s not much more than what you pay for an average container.
    • Customisation: Containers can be customised internally and externally to make perfect for your requirements. This means that it can be catered to your needs so that it suits you best in the long run.

    The Different Ranges

    There’s 4 different ranges available for you to choose from. Theses ranges are:

    • Sureguard
    • Sitelink
    • Surestart
    • Ultraguard

    So, what’s the distinguishable differences between these 4 different options of anti-vandal portable cabin? We’re going to explain each in some more detail.

    Sureguard: Sureguard is the most suitable option if you’re searching for something that you will be able to use for years to come. This range has long-life durability, so you know that it is always going to be reliable, even 10 years down the line. There’s a wide range of interiors available, each one suiting different scenarios for different industries and requirements. Sureguard anti-vandal cabins are designed specifically for repeated relocation; it doesn’t take long to move and there won’t be an issue preparing it for moving. This range is corrosion-resitant as well as being highly secure. Cabins come with telescopic jack legs for simple levelling a double stacking if this was something that you needed to do.

    Sitelink: Sitelink is the most ideal if you need something economical yet you’re looking for a good quality anti-vandal cabin solution. Again, Sitelink is intended to discourage and thwart vandalism, so it is safe. Sitelink is great due to the fact it is open-plan and therefore adjustable. They’re also known for being low maintenance. This specific range of anti-vandal cabins are manufactured from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel.

    Surestart: Surestart anti-vandal cabins only require slight maintenance and are a brilliant choice for brown field locations. This one is particularly good if electricity is required as it comes with a built-in generator, cafeteria area, lavatory and drying area. It is constructed from extremely durable and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. They come in a variety of sizes depending on what you require.

    Ultraguard: Ultraguard’s steel assembly and highest class anti-vandal attributes make it the model choice for today’s diverse segmental anti-vandal site housing needs. It is not specifically created for any environment; it’s suitable for any situation. These are great for fighting vandalism as the steel is strong and very durable. Ultraguard is also cost-effective so great if you are on a budget needing to make sure things important to your site are secure.