South Manchester NHS Trust

The Challenge

The Trust had to cope with a rise in the number of people suffering illnesses during the winter months and urgently needed a winter pressure ward to meet the increasing demand for care facilities.

The Thurston Solution

Working in close partnership with the Trust, Thurston designed and built a £1.2 million hospital unit, providing contemporary, low-maintenance and easy-to-clean accommodation for 28 inpatients.
The Trust was so impressed with the new hospital unit, that it commissioned a second storey to provide three specialist wards including diabetes, gastro, and maternity, bringing the total project value to £6.8 million. Thurston has now provided 105 bed spaces together with a suite of consultancy rooms and all necessary facilities.
Off-site construction ensured minimum disruption to the main hospital, even though the new building is close to its main entrance, and the project was delivered on time and budget in four phases, each taking just 24 weeks.